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Garment Repair

Providing over 35 years of experience and professional service, Santiago Hills Cleaners offers various dry cleaning and alterations services providing quality clothing repair. Do some of your clothes have tears that need to be stitched up? Oftentimes coats and jackets will need to have its broken zippers or torn pockets repaired. You do not have to throw them away. Get more life out of your garments. We fix clothing such as broken zippers, buttons, tears, and etc. When it comes to stitching up those torn knees to repairing those ripped up prized shirts we can do them all!

Clothing repair for your favorite Jeans

So you’re looking to get your jeans repaired? Well you’ve come to the right place to repair clothes especially your worn out jeans! Allow our skilled and experienced staff to take care of your garment repairs for your jeans.

    Here are some options for you:

  • We can replace your zippers
  • Allow us to repair your ripped or fallen apart seams
  • Repair or reattach those buttons
  • Have us stitch and patch up those crotch blowouts or knee holes
  • Check out our hemming repairs
  • We can adjust sizes by taking in or out the seams
  • Have your waists adjusted to your perfect fit
  • Bring in the modern fashion with tapered pants

Your favorite jeans may need zippers or buttons reattached or even those knee holes patched up. Holes, tears, or thinning is common with jeans. Certain stress points are areas where you will see more wear and tear. These are especially common in the crotch area. Walking, moving, sitting all day makes crotch blowouts inevitable in due time. Do not worry. We will make you look great! Sometimes you’ll find parts of your jeans that are starting to thin. It hasn’t fully torn yet but it’s beginning to. Let us strengthen those areas on your jeans beginning to thin. Maybe your knees are beginning to tear open as well and you’re trying to get them patched up. Find friendly skilled staff ready to provide you clean and professional patching.

Repair clothes professionally with Santiago Hills Cleaners in West Irvine

Did your zipper break and it doesn’t work anymore? How long have they been sitting in your closet? Bring in your jeans or jacket along with your broken zipper and have them repaired here at Santiago Hills Cleaners. You can’t wear them because they don’t zip up anymore. You’ve considered throwing them out for some time but you just can’t follow through with it. Well now you know that there is a solution for your favorite pair of jeans or any other garments that need clothing repair. Come on in and have them look just like new.

Our tailors here are professionals and they have the experience to perform the most difficult and technical repairs and alterations. Our tailors even deal with wedding dress alterations and suit alterations, allowing us to be confident to fix clothing with ease. Stop storing or throwing your unbearable garments away.

Come on in to Santiago Hills Cleaners. Have your favorite jeans, shirts, or jackets repaired. Find our store located on 8500 East Chapman in the city of Orange. If you want to save even more time we can set you up with our delivery service as well. Your only obligation is to bring in your clothes. Let us become your one-stop shop for your dry cleaning and alteration needs.

For more information or directions to our store see our contact page or feel free to even give us a call!

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