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Wedding Dress Preservation

Here at Santiago Hills Cleaners we have been providing quality and professional services including wedding gown preservation for over 35 years. A lot of people don’t fully understand the importance of wedding dress cleaning and preservation. You’ve been thinking about getting married since you were a kid. You finally get married and now are you simply going to let your dream dress fade away? You can pass your wedding dress down generations so that one day your daughter’s daughter can wear it for her big day. Why not opt for the best wedding gown preservation in West Irvine?

How long did you take to plan your wedding? I’m sure it did take a lot of time planning and designing your wedding including your dress. Here in the city of Orange, Santiago Hills Cleaners are proud of our skills and techniques and love meeting and hopefully exceeding your expectations as well.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Our wedding dress cleaning techniques are made to help prolong the originality of your dress. We also protect the dress by storing it in a mold so that it will hold its shape. But not only do we carefully store your dress in professional packaging, we will make sure storage conditions are exceptional as well. Temperature changes and weathering can cause mildew and stains. So with that in mind we make sure to store them in a cool and dry place. You can’t just leave your white wedding dress in your closet. White clothes could actually get damaged by the sun and basically turns brownish/yellow. Your wedding dress isn’t just another white shirt that has no sentimental value. Hanging fragile material like that will distort or even ruin your clothes. It can definitely ruin your straps or stretch out the dress. You spent so much money for the dress and for the wedding why not properly store your dress?

In the long run you will be saving money. Without any worries about moths or poor preservation, we will help you correctly and perfectly preserve your wedding dress. After years or even decades you will come back to your dress looking just like it did the day you said, “Yes!” So before you think twice about doing it yourself, this will definitely be worth your while. Protect your investment!

Stop Worrying, Enjoy Your Special Night!

Also keep in mind that your wedding gown will most likely be worn all night. Spill all the wine you want. Make a mess. Just have fun and don’t worry about the gown. You shouldn’t have to worry about having fun on your wedding night. Don’t worry about any messes or preserving your dress. Let us do the worrying.

The excitement of getting married doesn’t only end within the walls of a building. I’m sure you want to see your kids one day get married and if by chance you could pass your dress down generations, wouldn’t you want it looking just as beautiful the day you bought it? Don’t tell yourself that you should have preserved it better when it’s already too late. It’s important to preserve your wedding dress as soon as you can and as clean as possible.

You never know, maybe your daughter will love your dress just as much as you did. There is a display window on the front of it as well so you can view it if you want to without opening it. Dust, moth, sunlight, and oxidation will not be a worry. Tissue paper helps to keep out the moisture. We put mothballs and moisture packets inside as well in order to keep out the critters and other bad stuff. We also make sure any and all openings are closed to ensure there isn’t any room for any kind of oxidation. It keeps out the sun and it will keep it white. And if you want, we also do have the capability of drying cleaning with our eco-friendly dry cleaning methods it before it is stored.

So come on in to Santiago Hills Cleaners! We offer over 35 years of specialty services for wedding dress cleaning. With much experience, we make sure each dress is spotless before they are stored. We offer skilled services when it comes to handling sophisticated dresses like wedding dresses. I’m sure you don’t want to come to a poorly stored wedding dress after years of believing that it was carefully preserved.

We can be found at 8500 East Chapman Avenue in the city of Orange. You’ll find us right beside our friendly neighbor Albertsons. We’ll see you there or feel free to even give us a call.

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