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Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Your local dry cleaners, Santiago Hills Cleaners, has over 35 years of experience, we know how to treat any type of clothes and to remove any type of stains. We are one of the best dry cleaners, using organic eco-friendly detergents that still have the same strength as previous cleaning solutions, but that is also eco-friendly and safe. We’ve been providing the highest efforts to be the best eco-friendly clothes cleaners by studying the industry’s newest techniques and handling our customer’s clothes with a personal touch. Santiago Hills Cleaners takes pride in our constant strives in providing the best customer service and to keep your garments looking its best.

Why Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning?

At Santiago Hills Cleaners we provide the best dry cleaning with utmost care for your clothes, but with also in mind our responsibility and love for the Earth. I’m sure you don’t want your clothes to lose its original form by washing it incorrectly. You want your clothes looking the way it was when you first bought it. When you choose us as your eco-friendly clothes cleaner, you can be confident that your clothes will be clean and free of solvents that could be harmful to you. By choosing Santiago Hills Cleaners, the best dry cleaners, your garments will look cleaner, last longer, and feel fresher.

Know that your clothes are prepared with the thought of being environmentally-friendly by choosing the best dry cleaners, Santiago Hills Cleaners. If you haven’t already heard of perchloroethylene it’s a commonly used chemical in local dry cleaners. Percs can cause you to feel sick, irritate your skin, or even damage your clothes. This chemical is actually considered both a health and environmental hazard by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). We use clean and eco-friendly dry cleaning methods so you won’t ever have to deal with these harmful chemicals. The idea behind our eco-friendly dry cleaning is that you’ll receive professionally cleaned clothes free of harmful solvents all the time!

Best Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Customer Service

Our signature dry cleaning process begins the moment you walk through the door and you will find yourself greeted by our friendly experienced staff with big smiles — ready to help. At Santiago Hills Cleaners, we provide eco-friendly dry cleaning which not only benefits your clothes but also our community around Anaheim Hills, Orange Hills, Villa Park, Tustin, and North Irvine! With our eco-friendly solvents, feel at ease knowing that your clothes are free of harmful solvents here at your local dry cleaners.

We make sure each piece of clothing is taken care of with special attention. With a shirt cleaned and preserved in its originality, you will look sharper and cleaner. Feel fresh and look professional with a stain and soil free shirt. Every garment is inspected to make sure that specific washing instructions are followed accordingly. We hand-press each garment with professional skill. Stop wasting your valuable time and rely on us we will make sure your clothes are preserved in its original form without any loss in color, shape, or size. Sometimes you will notice that some materials like wool, silk, or polyester simply cannot be cleaned with water and detergent. So we will dry clean these fabrics using eco-friendly solvents which will remove oil stains and grease. Also avoid any type of shrunk or damaged clothes by using our eco-friendly dry cleaners.

Why Choose Us?

With over 35 years of experience in dry cleaning, Santiago Hills Cleaners is your choice for your professional and eco-friendly local dry cleaners. We are staffed with an experienced workforce making sure each and every spot or stain will be carefully inspected and noted, giving your clothes the best treatment. It’s also important to understand how each cleaning solution will affect each different type of garment. With our experience we have the knowledge to prevent those unwanted damages.

Don’t forget we even offer delivery!! Do you simply not have the time to go and drop off your clothes? Don’t worry. Santiago Hills Cleaners, your local clothes cleaners, will not only clean your clothes and have them looking perfect and crisp, but we will also deliver your clothes to you. Allow yourself to have more time to do to do what you want to do. You, too, can help out the movement and work with us in saving the Earth together. It is our goal to educate you in making your best decision.

Let us be your alternative to perc-based dry cleaning for a more eco-friendly dry cleaner. So come on in, give us a call, or even call for a delivery appointment and support your eco-friendly neighbor, Santiago Hills Cleaners! Our store is located on Jamboree Road and East Chapman Road in the city of Orange.

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Call us or come on in, and don’t forget to ask about our delivery service!

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