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Water / Fire / Smoke Restoration

Here at Santiago Hills Cleaners we are staffed with people with friendly smiles always looking to meet your needs. With over 35 years of experience, we not only strive for excellence but also to educate you in your decisions in order to help you make the best decision. When it comes to smoke, fire & water damage restoration we provide the best and professional service with skilled and friendly staff.

Smoke damage from tobacco sticks to surfaces very easily and will also leave a discoloration as well over time. Especially buildings with heating or air conditioning, smoke doesn’t only affect that one room but will also travel throughout the building. It will travel through vents and essentially will leave the entire building smelling like smoke. Discoloration easily occurs and smoke will stick to surfaces. Don’t worry because Santiago Hills Cleaners provides quality and skilled water, smoke & fire damage restoration services.

Eliminate those odors and smoke damage with confidence

With a success rate of over 90% in removing stains and odors, leaves Santiago Hills Cleaners and our customers confident in our restoration services. There are obvious damages that may leave a permanent stain such as heat and different types of chemicals in the smoke. If you have a chimney or a fireplace inside the house the types of wood you use will also leave different odors. It’s kind of like smoking meat where different types of woods used will give the meat different flavors. Unlike smoking meat, the smell of smoke constantly contaminating the smell of freshness can be bothersome at times. Especially if there was an accident and plastic was burnt then that odor would stick to your fabrics leaving an unwanted smell.

That distinct smell stuck on your bed linens is definitely somewhere we would advise you to start. I’m sure we all want to go to bed within an environment that smells clean and fresh rather than going to a bed that smells like smoke. Before you consider throwing away some curtains that have been damaged by either extreme fire, water, or smoke damage take a moment to think about saving it with our restoration services!

If by chance you are reading this and you are still considering washing your smoke-damaged shirts on your own just make sure you do not dry it. By adding more heat to your smoke-damaged shirts will only ruin it even more because the heat will allow the smoke to be even more deeply rooted into the shirt’s fabric. This causes a more permanent damage that even professional technicians will have a hard time restoring.

Preventing or Restoring Water Damages

Save your water damaged clothes by restoring them with our professional smoke, fire & water restoration services here in Orange Hills. When looking at water damages there are different kinds of water damages that occur. Even clean water such as tap water from the sink or shower could even ruin your clothes. Any water can damage your clothes over time due to water marks that could take place. Although you won’t have to worry about bacteria forming because the water is fairly clean, but stains can still occur.

Some water damages from used clean water, or also known as gray water, can leave stains and ruin your clothes. Gray water is essentially clean water that’s been used. It’s basically water that was used during the shower or used dishwater. Although the water is still clean, dirt and other contaminants are usually within gray water and can leave stains and discoloration of your clothes. We also offer eco-friendly cleaning in order to ensure removal of odor. We use instruments such as ozone generators that will clean your room of smoke odors. Creating this ozone cleans your room by integrating a process that uses an electrical current which breaks down any odors, microorganisms, and any other types of contaminants that may be stuck on your furniture. Basically, we will make sure your room will not only look and smell clean but stays clean!

Lastly, maybe you’ve done a real good job of getting your favorite garments a bit dirtier. There is a type of water called black water that is very dirty and contains water from sewage, ocean, lake, or septic water. These types of water easily cause mold and mildew due to the amount of bacteria living in there. Any clothes damaged by black water should be cleaned professionally to prevent any types of mold or mildew to form again.

Professional Smoke, Fire & Water Damage Restoration in Orange Hills

So come on in to Santiago Hills Cleaners. We offer over 35 years of specialty services for smoke, water and fire damage restoration services. With added years of experience, we make sure each garment is consistent in its cleaning procedures. We offer skilled services when it comes to handling sophisticated situations like removing tough stains and odors.

We can be found at 8500 East Chapman Avenue in the city of Orange. You’ll find us right beside our friendly neighbor Albertsons. We’ll see you there or feel free to even give us a call.

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