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Rug Cleaning

Here in the city of Orange, Santiago Hills Cleaners offers over 35 years of experience and professional skills in carpet cleaning services. It is our goal to help educate you, our customer, to make the best dry cleaning decisions. Do you want to feel a soft, clean, and fresh rug under your feet without any stains and have your home simply looking great? Well, we offer only the most fresh and professional rug cleaning services.

Steps for the Best Carpet Cleaning

Finding the right rug cleaning service is very important. Trust in our eco-friendly, healthy, and professional solutions for the best carpet cleaning. You may be tempted to start cleaning your rug on your own, but there are many meticulous steps that shouldn’t be ignored. Do you remember the last time you cleaned your rug? A dirty rug can even cause health problems as dust that piles upon itself will essentially be breathed into your lungs. When dirt starts to layer itself on rugs they don’t feel as comfortable anymore. It starts to grind on your skin and it seems like you’re getting dirtier lying down on it. Well Santiago Hills Cleaners is one of the best carpet cleaning business around.

We take every step with great attention to detail resulting in the best of quality. Starting with those high traffic stains we will use a hand-powered suction tool to professionally remove all dirt or any other excess contaminants. We also look for any type of mildew and unpleasant odors and make sure to remove those as well. Those of us who have pets, bad odors are most likely deeply implanted into your rugs. We have a top-of-the-line odor removal that ensures your rug will smell fresh and thus your home will smell so much better as well. Treating any and all stains beforehand will also aid in removing them. Now your rug is ready to release and loosen any dirt or stains rooted into your rug. We then vacuum the rug with a commercial industrial vacuum taking off any dirt so that while we’re cleaning the rug it won’t embed anymore dirt within it. From there we will go over the rug with a rug cleaner and non-toxic, non-harmful commercial detergents. The drying process is optimized by properly hanging the rug. We make sure to have it dried without any direct sunlight so that it doesn’t get any sun damage. Lastly, we make sure it is aerated and inspected within the couple days that it is dried.

We’re constantly stepping, running, and playing around on the rug. Not only you, your kids, but also your pets are stepping and running all over the rug on a daily basis. And over the years it is very easily neglected resulting in an odor, dirt, and stains that have piled upon itself. Sometimes just a few clean rugs in your house can make such a big difference. By choosing Santiago Hills Cleaners your rug will be free of any harmful chemicals. Since we are an eco-friendly dry cleaner, you can rest easy knowing that you will not only receive the same quality wash as conventional detergents, but also know that you, your kids, or pets can play on the rug and not worry about any harmful chemicals that aren’t good for your health. Once we’re finished we will go over your rug and give it some final touches as we make sure the look, feel, and even smell of your rug passes our standards. Your rug will look, feel, and smell just like new.

Clean and Odor Free Rug Cleaning Services in West Irvine

Santiago Hills Cleaners takes pride in constantly providing excellence with integrity and honesty. So let us be your one-stop laundry and dry cleaning service. Stop trying to do it yourself at home. A job like rug cleaning can become quite difficult when done at home without the correct tools and materials. Also just think about the amount of time that will be saved. We have many years of experience in cleaning rugs and have seen many different types of soiling and stains and have also encountered many odors caused by numerous amounts of different kinds of pets. So rest assured, we know how to make sure your rug is clean, crisp, and looking and smelling new. Stop searching and give us a call!

Know that we are also open to any special instructions. Feel free to give us any additional comments during our pre-inspection, we will make sure to review your comments and inspect the process once more with that in mind. We have a professional rug cleaner where only the most exceptional and quality cleaning is performed.

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