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Looking for the best place to hem pants? Look no further. Your friendly neighbor, Santiago Hills Cleaners strives to be a one-stop shop for dry cleaning and alterations such as getting your pants hemmed. Allow us to provide our hemming solutions for you and custom tailor your clothes. So come in get your dry cleaning done and also to get your pants hemmed. We have over 35 years of experience and strive to relate with our customers and their needs.

We are all trying to make somewhat of an impression with our clothes. If not, then clothes would be meaningless. There are always those times when your clothes doesn’t fit the way you want it to right off the rack. Maybe your jeans are simply out of style and you want to make some changes to it. For the best hemming solutions in Orange County come visit Santiago Hills Cleaners.

So come on in and discover solutions to your hemming needs. Who wants the edges of their clothes to unravel? We have a professional tailor who will assess your needs and make sure we finish implementing all of your instructions and or suggestions. Stop worrying about the bottom of your pants being torn. We hem the edges and fold them inwards so it looks like new and you won’t have to walk around with worn edges. Here at Santiago Hills Cleaners we hem dress pants. Customize your pants as well. Shorten hems and sleeves, repair zippers, and alter waists and skirts. Make sure to check out our page on wedding dress alterations in case you’re preparing for that special day!

Various methods to hem pants

When having to hem dress pants, there are different types of hemming methods to consider. Santiago Hills Cleaners can perform all types hemming methods such as the original hem, the regular hem, the chain stitching method, hand stitches, basic hems and finishes, and blind hems. We offer all of them. But when it comes to fashion and originality we prefer the original hem.

The Original Hem

This method maintains the original hem that has that wavy and faded look on the bottom of your jeans. In order to do the original hem, we would first cut off the bottom of your jeans and then shorten the jeans to your desired length. We would then open the seam and place the cut piece onto the bottom and sew them back together. This way it would maintain the original look, and thus it’s called the original hem.

The Regular Hem

There is another method called the regular hem. This method consists of cutting off your jeans to a desired length, folding your jeans inward, and then having your pants hemmed. This is a quick and easy method but the final result looks a little different. The most common used hemming method would be the original hem simply because most jeans are made like that. But we also do use the regular hemming method when jeans are made that way or simply if the customer requested so.

Chain Stitching

The chain stitching method is the popular choice when dealing with raw denim. This type of stitching is an older and more traditional method that’s been revived today as fashion trends also revive. Chain stitching allows for smoother and comfortable movements which is ideal for raw denims as its goes through its own changes as well with extended use.

Hand Stitches

Many hems are still done by hand stitching them. There’s the uneven catch stitch that stitches from right to left along the hemming area, which the needle will then go through the upper area of the hem. It then catches a few threads and then again through the edge. The catch stitch goes from left to right catching a few threads in a diagonal zigzag.

Basic Hems

A very common hemming method used by both professional and people at home is the basic hemming method. Basically you just fold the fabric in where you want it hemmed and then it is sewn on the top of the fold.

Blind Hems

Blind hems will create a stitch that is unnoticeable. By using the stretch stitch blind setting on your sewing machine, blind hems are created. This is a great method for creating hems that are unnoticeable and perfect for your favorite dresses!

Santiago Hills Cleaners presents the best pants hemmed in West Irvine

Whether you have just purchased new pants or you want those pants repaired on the bottom, come in to Santiago Hills Cleaners for your hemming needs. From hemming your dress pants to your favorite jeans trust in our skilled tailors with decades of experience, professionalism, and passion for their craft to hem pants. So the next time you come into our cleaners come with your hemming needs and you can either pick them up or we can even have your jeans delivered to you with our delivery service!

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