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Leather Cleaning

For more than 35 years Santiago Hills Cleaners has been providing quality and professional dry cleaning and laundry services including the best leather cleaner in Anaheim Hills. Over the years we have gained the experience and skill for quality leather cleaning. Your leather easily gets dirty and absorbs liquid. So, damages are quite common and doesn’t have to be a hassle when you are looking for repairs. We can fix your leather garments right away. We have precise cleaning in removing those unwanted imperfections.

Benefits of Cleaning Leather

Find yourself ready to frolic and run across that wet grass with your clean and coated leather boots! Keep in mind your leather cleaner is not limited to just clothes and boots, but also includes your leather purses and handbags. We use quality-grade cleaning solvents and oils. Cleaning leather is a little different compared to cleaning other materials such as cotton or other types of materials fit for laundry. If you ever take a look at the label on leather accessories and apparel you will find that there is a care label on it signifying that professional cleaning is recommended for leather and suede. Leather requires stain treatment, stain removal, cleaning, conditioning, buffering, and a coat to seal off the leather and also to protect it as well.

Prepare yourself for that rainy season and any other types of damage that can occur to your leather garments. Look for any kind of soiling or damages that could be repaired. So come on in and find the best leather cleaner and where we can pretreat your leather, making sure it is cleaned and also protected. When leather and suede is manufactured they use a type of dye to give its lively color. And due to the fact that dyes are not always up to par, it should be noted that there could be some loss in color. Here at Santiago Hills Cleaners we have professionals with much experience where we can ensure to keep any color loss to a minimum. Fall down with your leather purse and not worry because it has been cleaned and protected as well. Sometimes you’ll notice when you pull your boots out that the bottom soles are falling apart. We can also repair that as well!

It’s important to inspect your leather garments as some may need repairing. Repairing any open seams or torn linings early on is a lot better than ignoring the problems and having a more costly repair later on. Any stains or soiling can also become permanent in due time. So it is important to take notice and act quickly. Heat can also harden leather to some extent. With our cleaning process you will find that your leather is soft and agile.

Both leather and suede are going to be a bit more expensive compared to other materials. They are strong and flexible, but do need to be cared after. Suede’s material is a little different compared to leather. We will apply a protective coating which will prevent spots and stains from rain. If it does get wet, it’s important to leave your boots or leather bag in a dry room with a lot of airflow giving it the best condition to completely dry because mildew loves to grow in these types of environments. If, by chance, mildew does form it becomes very hard to remove.

Santiago Hills Cleaners, your best leather cleaner in North Tustin!

So whether you’re cleaning leather clothes or boots we do it all. Come on in and support Santiago Hills Cleaners. We recommend a cleaning every time you see a stain or at least once a year. Also it should be noted that the process of cleaning leather does take approximately two weeks. Cleaning leather or suede accessories and apparel on your own could actually make it worse if you don’t know the correct techniques or don’t have the right materials in cleaning it. If you have simply one stain it’s very tempting to save money and do it yourself. But simply cleaning part of your leather garment will result in different colorations. Help your leather garments to look its best and give us a call.

Find your leather cleaner right across Irvine Park on the corner of Jamboree and Chapman. If you want to save even more time you can! Let us become your trusted consultants in the caring and cleaning of your expensive leather accessories and apparel.

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