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Refitting & Resizing

Only if our bodies were as constant as our clothes then things would be so much easier. But change is a part of life and as our body changes here and there why not refit your pants to make it fit as well.

In providing over 35 years of experience in dry cleaning and alteration services, Santiago Hills Cleaners is proud to refit your pants or skirts according to your custom needs. When taking in pants and having to alter jeans waist we will not only adjust the waist but make sure the size fits well with the overall style of the pants as well. Sometimes you buy a skirt that you’ve always wanted and when you try it on it never looks the same as it did in the pictures. Well don’t give up just yet. We can make it fit and look the way you want it.

Santiago Hills Cleaners is the best at refitting your pants!

Are you opening or closing up those waists on your favorite jeans or skirts? Do your pants have zippers that need to be replaced? Or maybe you simply need another belt loop. Find an easy and professional solution with our refitting and resizing services. Most pants needs to be hemmed right off the rack. With new fashion trends that are catching on even faster I’m sure you may want to refashion the way your pants look. By tapering and taking in pants from the knee down, this will make you look taller, skinnier, and fit. Let Santiago Hills Cleaners catch you up to fashion trends with alterations performed by quality skilled tailors all here at your local dry cleaners in Anaheim Hills.

Do you simply want to remove about two inches from the waist of your pants? Pants with adjustments up to two inches will be just fine in fitting in with the rest of the pants. When trying to alter pants waist of over two inches it would then require alterations to the rest of the pants as well. Refitting or resizing your skirts will not only make you look better but also feel better. Even when dealing with men’s suit alterations we can tighten the waist of the jacket and by doing this will allow you to look less boxy and more stylish. The current trends are fitted shirts, tailored shirt, and custom shirts. Those large bulges will no longer be a problem. Santiago Hills Cleaners alter pants waists with utmost professionalism, skill, and a smile!

So stop trying to alter jeans waist all on your own when we can do it for you. And when all is finished you can even have us deliver it right to the comfort of your own home! Allow Santiago Hills Cleaners to be your one-stop shop. You can find us located right across the street from the Orange County Zoo.

For more information or for directions give us a call or view our contact page. Hope to see you soon!

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