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I’ve been going to Santiago Hills Cleaners for years and I’d highly recommend them. They are honestly the best dry cleaner in town.

I have a large waist and I always have to get it hemmed whenever I buy new pants. Each time I’ve taken in my pants to get them hemmed, they’ve fit perfectly. They make sure to make some measurements and I can’t complain. Everything about their service was friendly from the moment I walked in and I felt happy and assured walking out.

It’s a great feeling knowing you are in the hands of professionals

Brett D.

My friend told me about this place and I love it. I simply can’t complain. At first I was a little skeptical due to past dry cleaners burning me. But I told myself I’d give these guys a try. So I took in my suit and pants and I was pretty astonished at how friendly they were. Their customer service is excellent.

The staff made sure I was happy leaving my clothes there. She asked questions to make sure everything was just right. I felt confident leaving my clothes here. I came back and found my clothes spotless.

I’ve now become their regular and am very happy with their services! They’re honestly the best dry cleaners in town.

Amy L.

These guys are honestly the BEST dry cleaners in Orange! We’ve gone here for a few weeks now and honestly have no complaints. Their prices are amazing and you can’t beat their quality and service. They have this service where they offer you a free pickup and delivery if you simply spend at least $100 a month. I haven’t reached that yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to after all the dry cleaning my family does it’s so easily achievable. So with that in mind, free delivery is a no brainer!!

Thank you Santiago Hills Cleaners!

Alfonso C.

This dry cleaner is right across the Orange County Zoo. They’re a great mom and pop shop located in that plaza right next to Albertsons. I love these guys. I’ve been coming here for years. Seriously feels like family to be. All our experiences with them since the beginning were great. The staff are personal and also very professional. It’s always nice having more than just a hello and goodbye. These guys really do care and always try to make some small talk.

The prices are fair and especially since we’re in Irvine and plus their quality is simply amazing.

Jason B.

You won’t find a better dry cleaners in the area. For the quality and service you’re getting with all the extra perks these guys are the best in town. The owner is nice and I felt like they really cared.

So I went here to get my blankets dry cleaned. Their service was phenomenal! It was so quick and they were so friendly as well. I’m not that strong and the staff were eager to help carry the heavy loads from my car. It’s interesting when they told me about their free pickup and delivery service. So basically, you only have to make at least a purchase of $100 of their services a month and you get that free delivery service.

So my family has a lot of dry cleaning: suits, dresses, blankets, comforters, etc. We can easily make that $100/month. And with all that dry cleaning that we do with an added free delivery and pickup simply made this place a no brainer. I have so much more time with my family and I would say a lot of that has to do with Santiago Hills Cleaners being our dry cleaners!

Thank you guys!

Kendra C.

I recently started coming here to get my clothes dry cleaned because it’s close to work and I haven’t gone anywhere else after. Their customer service and overall work is the best. I’ve gone to a few other places and gosh I’m in love with Santiago Hills Cleaners. The owner is one of the nicest people and they do a great job. It’s very easy to find since it’s right across the Orange County Zoo. I do appreciate how the owner remembers my name and we’ve really become friends.

When you walk in the place looks nice and clean and the people are friendly as well. Great service and great people.

Thank you!

Casey T.

They were so quick! I took my clothes in on Tuesday and it was ready Thursday. I walked in and I felt so comfortable because they were so nice and friendly. They were eager to understand my situation and did their best to find the best solution. I brought in my torn jeans. It was pretty old. I had it for some years and the knees were torn pretty badly and simply worn out. They provide an alterations service that repaired my pants and I was ready to go in just a few days.

They have a loyal customer from here on out! I won’t be going anywhere except Santiago Hills Cleaners!

Thank you Santiago Hills Cleaners!

Samuel V.

The front desk person was simply amazing. She’s always friendly and ready to help you. Their service is phenomenal! This place always does such a great job! They are fast. They are friendly. And they try to throw in a few small talks here and there as well.

They are a fast and friendly dry cleaners that are truly eager to help and understand your needs and have been able to save a few shirts for me. I come here often and am very happy with their work.

Great customer service! I could not complain. Thank you Santiago Hills Cleaners!

Michael C.

These guys are the best. I called in last minute for an urgent job. Like a lot of us, we need coffee on the drive to work. And especially in the mornings, when traffic can be more than frustrating coffee is many people’s relief. But today I spilled my coffee all over my suit and well today was a bit more frustrating than most. But to my relief, Santiago Hills Cleaners were ever so glad to accommodate. They were very personal and assured me that there would be no problem.

I’m glad I came across you guys and probably won’t go anywhere else now. I love your service and your quality of work is excellent.

Ronald T.