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With over 35 years of experience, Santiago Hills Cleaners strives to provide a simple and convenient wash and fold service from a crafted and disciplined staff team. Washing and drying your garments isn’t the end of the process. Folding is also another step to add to the process. Some may like doing laundry such as washing and drying your clothes, but who likes folding? We’ll take the whole chore from you and allow us to fluff n fold your clothes. With that in mind, you will know for sure you will be receiving quality care and services with us! We do our best to understand your needs in order to best educate you with our cleaning methods. This way both of us have a better understanding of how our cleaning methods will best suit your needs. We also integrate eco-friendly methods so your laundry services will be treated with great care and also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you, too, are also involved in helping the earth.

Your neighbor’s best fluff and fold laundry service

So you’re searching for a laundry near me and also a professional service all at your convenience? At Santiago Hills Cleaners we want to help you not only on your dry cleaning needs but as well as all of your daily needs such as washing and folding your clothes. Don’t forget that, yes, we can wash and fold your clothes, but we also can deliver it with your dry cleaning and other household needs. Are you expecting to travel? We’ll make sure your clothes are folded in the most optimal and convenient way. Who wants to use the iron when you arrive at the hotel? Who knows how the previous person used the iron. If the person mixed harmful chemicals such as bleach or alcohol in the iron then you run the risk of ruining your clothes. If it needs to be ironed or folded for your closet or your drawer, we’ll do that for you as well. If you tell us you want the clothes to be folded for your drawers we’ll fold your clothes so it’s ready for your drawer. Or if you want to have your clothes hung we will put them on hangers as well. From washing to drying and folding, let Santiago Hills Cleaners become your favorite wash and fold laundry.

How much time do we really have? We have 24 hours in a day and yet it never feels like so. At many times, it feels like we simply don’t have time. So, time is of the essence and we understand how important that is. It can be a hassle going to the coin laundry if you live in an apartment style area and if you have to use shared laundry machines or dryers. You may feel that the condition of the machines may not be optimal. You may also find that the previous person who used the machine may have used bleach or some other unwanted chemicals. That could ruin your clothes. This entire process can be eliminated with the help of Santiago Hills Cleaners. Allow us to save you time. We hope to help you gain that much more time for yourselves and your loved ones knowing that your clothes will be laundered and folded according to your needs.

Choose Santiago Hills Cleaners

So be at ease, and know that your clothes are not only cleaned using a thorough and professional process, but they will also be folded and ready to simply be put into your drawers and hung into your closet. Just think about how much more time you’d be gaining and how much less time you would be spending folding clothes. And you can be so much more productive with that extra precious time which can be spent doing what you want to do. Worry no more! It is Santiago Hills Cleaners’ goal to make you completely satisfied with our entire service and quality. So we do our best in order to fully communicate with you so that you really do get what you want. No more finding that one piece of red clothing that wasn’t even yours to begin with that ends up ruining your whites. We will take our time to not only clean your clothes, but we will also fluff n fold them as well.

So why wait?! Give us a call or come on in and we will be happy to lend over some time by folding your clothes for you. It’s super easy. Just drop off your clothes and tell us how you want it done. We can fluff and fold while you go grocery shopping.

Help yourself and give us a call or come on in and have your shirts professionally laundered and folded. Find our store located on 8500 East Chapman in the City of Orange. If you want to save even more time you can! We offer a delivery service where your only obligation is to give us your clothes. We do the rest for you.

For more information or directions to our store see our contact page here.

Call us or come on in, and don’t forget to ask about our delivery service!

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