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Shirt Laundry

Here at Santiago Hills Cleaners we have over 35 years of experience, and it is our goal to help inform you in receiving the best professionally ironed and laundered shirts. And that’s what’s nice about a one-stop dry cleaner. With our experience you can avoid expensive solutions and allow us to help you in making the best decisions for your dry cleaning needs.

Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, nice dress shirts don’t necessarily have to be dry cleaned all the time? Many and most of the times the recommended method is to launder your shirts. In order to preserve a dress shirt’s strength and color most shirts need to be laundered and not dry cleaned. For instance, if your buttoned shirt is either cotton or polyester it can be laundered instead of being dry cleaned. In all we do it is our goal to best accommodate your needs.

Excellent Shirt Dry Cleaning in Orange County brought to you by Santiago Hills Cleaners

To begin our process of shirt laundering we will first start with a wash and also a starch if it is requested. We make sure to use state of the art soaps and additives which will result in the most optimal stain removal. Some stains such as oil and old blood will be tougher to remove and these types of special stains need extra care in removing it.

After washing your valuable shirt, it will be taken to the pressing machine where collars and cuffs, sleeves, and the front and back are all pressed. This will result in a dry and pressed finish leaving your shirt looking perfectly clean and crisp. Find your professionally and perfectly done press dry cleaning. The shirt will be inspected once more by our experienced quality control staff that makes sure to implement any touch-ups if necessary and also looks for any missing buttons or other repairs that may have been missed. Finally, we will sort and bag your shirts all ready to simply hang in your closet when you arrive home.

At Santiago Hills Cleaners, we take extra care to pay attention to those small details so that every shirt we press is the best shirt dry cleaning you can find. Don’t ever worry about mixing and matching your clothes before a wash or having to simply spend time gathering clothes worrying about that one strand of clothing that could ruin your white shirts. Never worry again and have your whites be its whitest and your colors as bright and colorful as it can be here at the best shirt cleaner in the city of Orange. Simply walk out the door looking great and lose no time. Depend on a professional press dry cleaning service where a crisp and clean collar and cuffs are a norm. Don’t ever worry about your buttons going missing or worry about time spent ironing your shirt. Have your perfectly ironed and hung shirt waiting for you without a spot or wrinkle.

Choose us for the best shirt dry cleaning!

It’s time to make some changes and save time! As frustrating it can be to go to the laundromat, it’s a chore we can’t avoid. You don’t have to worry anymore as you edge closer to that day where spending hours at a laundromat will turn to minutes when you choose Santiago Hills Cleaners. Free yourself of heavy bags of quarters and visit your local shirt cleaner for only the best press dry cleaning! Now you don’t have to wait at the laundromat, but rather you can simply drop your clothes off and come back later. Or if you want you can even have your clothes delivered to your doorstep! If you want we can even have fluffed and folded, making the entire process even easier for you. So stop doing your own laundry and come visit us to find the best laundered shirts.

Wherever you are, either at a business meeting, a social event, or any other kind of upscale gather your shirt will be one of the first things people notice. So it’s important that your shirt is not only clean but also crisp, perfect, and smelling fresh as well. We’ll make sure each shirt is thoroughly inspected ensuring that quality treatment is consistent among each and every shirt. You won’t ever have to worry about stains, smells, or wrinkles.

And you’ve come to the right place! Here at Santiago Hills Cleaners we offer clean, professional, and affordable laundered shirts. Find yourself feeling fresh and with more time to do what you want to do. Are you sick and tired of ironing your shirts? Do you simply not have that time? Show off your shirt and take off your jacket. We will guarantee a professional finish making you look and feel your best. Then come on in and help yourself with a friendly service where we will launder and press your shirts.

Help yourself to look your best and give us a call or come on in for the best shirt cleaner in town! Find our store right across Irvine Park on the corner of Jamboree and Chapman. If you want to save even more time you can! We offer a delivery service where your only obligation is to give us your clothes. We do the rest for you.

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