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With over 35 years of experience, Santiago Hills Cleaners has the experience and also large capacity washers that makes washing household items like comforters, blankets, covers, bed and spreads a much easier process. We are the best house cleaning you can find in North Tustin! We will make sure to get all of that surface area on a large blanket. Laundry is usually done once a week and it’s so easy to look at that pile and tell yourself that it’ll be done soon. And as soon as it comes to it, maybe an hour passes while you watch TV, surf the web, or simply play with your dog or cat. Then a day passes by and the pile only gets bigger and you find yourself trying not to ever glance in that direction.

We are happy to present the most professional and friendly house cleaning services here in the city of Orange. Allow us to provide a helping hand when it comes to large washes and drying. With our commercial washers and dryers you don’t have to worry about that pile of clothes piling upon itself. Don’t worry we will take care of those large volumes for you. Especially for your small businesses where towels, cloth napkins, and tablecloths are simply too much for home washes. Not only is it a huge load, but the process can seem overwhelming. We handle your items with much attention to detail and care. We have a lot of pride in what we do and it’s our goal to have you be proud of our services as well.

House cleaning such as sheets, comforters, duvet, blankets, quilts, handmade quilts, and more!

With commercial and professional laundry services large volume washes are no longer a burden but an efficient and thorough wash is always clean and fresh with Santiago Hills Cleaners. From shirt laundry to alterations Santiago Hills Cleaners is like having your own personal maid. We do all sorts of different services. But does the thought of doing laundry simply stress you out? At times it can be overwhelming and we understand. Especially when you have large quantity washes to do, I’m sure you feel like giving up. And either you can spend hours upon hours washing, drying, and folding your mountain of clothes or you can choose to do something else with your time and have someone else do your large household washes for you.

You will find that your large household items simply won’t get cleaned at home. All of the surface area won’t get washed. You jam it in there to make it fit but then during the tumble they won’t all be able to rub and tumble to wash and effectively pull the dirt out. With our efficient washer and we use less water and clean a lot better, which in turn impacts the environment in a better way!

It’s also the same for your dryer as well. It’s hard to reach all of the surface area when it’s cramped up like that. That small dryer won’t efficiently dry your large items at home and even possibly leaving your blankets or jackets smelling musty, damp, and moldy. So you jam it in there to make it fit just like you did with the wash and then during the tumble they all won’t be able to rub and tumble to dry. With our efficient dryer we use less electricity and gas and dry a lot better making us eco-friendly and also drying your household goods a lot better for you, better for your large blankets, and also great for the environment. Some items will be larger than our machines and needs to be hand-washed such as cushions, large rugs and draperies. We offer only the best home cleaning services that provide cleaning for all of these types of larger items as well.

Offering the best house cleaning services in West Irvine

So the question is why wouldn’t you choose the best house cleaning in West Irvine rather than going with another factory-based laundry service? Well, we are flexible and will work around your schedule and you’re not bound to any type of contract. We handle any volume, different types of linen, and even different types of stains. With our top of the line equipment and eco-friendly working environment you are ensured that not only will your clothes be free of perc-based solvents but also ensure that you and the earth won’t be affected by any harmful chemicals.

So let Santiago Hills Cleaners be your one-stop laundry and dry cleaning service for your house cleaning services. Let us be your choice for cleaning those larger and tougher household items that needs special care. We want to help you relax so you can spend more time with your family, friends, and yourself!

For the most experienced and skilled home cleaning services, find Santiago Hills Cleaners on the corner of Jamboree and Chapman in the city of Orange.

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