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Purse Cleaning

With over 35 years of experience, Santiago Hills Cleaners has the experience and knowledge to educate you with our services and also to help you in making the best decision in choosing your leather purse cleaner. Making an investment in your designer handbags and purse doesn’t just end after your purchase. You have to make sure it lasts as well.

Santiago Hills Cleaners as the best Leather Bag Cleaner

The best leather cleaner for purses in North Tustin, Santiago Hills Cleaners provides experience and a friendly but professional touch. Purse cleaning demands a lot of skill and experience because it’s cleaned by hand. We pay a great amount of attention to detail when it comes to cleaning your purses. Also, there are different types of techniques depending on what type of material used to make the purse. And thus your handbag specialist has to know how to deal with such situations. The process includes removing stains, hand-cleaning the exterior, hand-cleaning the linings, hand-cleaning the straps and other types of hardware, restoring color, a steam-cleaning finish, applying a protective coat, and finally packaging your favorite purse with optimal storage allowing your handbag to breathe.

Sometimes you have a vintage purse that requires a bit more extra care. And many times restoring your purse may be a better option than replacing it. As the most professional and clean leather purse cleaner, we have techniques that restore your vintage purse to look just like new. Any minor repairs from inseams, to zippers, and repairing straps will be gladly repaired. Also keep in mind there are quite a lot of bacteria that begins to settle among your handbags, purses, and your wallets. We use eco-friendly solvents and cleaning tools leaving your products non-toxic and odorless. Be at ease and know your leather cleaner for purses are working in a safe and friendly environment.

Our Excellent Luxury Purse Cleaning Process

Each and every bag is unique to its cleaning process. With different materials to consider such as fabric, leather or suede, we make sure to carefully inspect and note any special treatment that must be noted. Fabric handbags are a little bit easier to clean but we still make sure they are carefully hand-cleaned and protected. We’ll take your suede handbags and bring back its original look. After that its colors and oils will be restored in order to make it look like the day you first purchased it. But we do recommend that suede should be brought in for cleaning as soon as you see that it’s getting a little dirty as stains and odors are easily permanently rooted into suede with time. Leather handbags need a little more attention. We do offer leather cleaning, but with leather bags or purses we take extra precaution and attention to those small details. Stains can be a bit harder to remove on leather compared to suede and fabric but with over 35 years of experience in cleaning purses we ensure only the best and professional quality cleaning. We recommend that you bring in your leather and suede purses for cleaning as soon as you can because oils and stains can become even harder to remove the longer you wait to clean it.

So your purse has been cleaned and delivered to your home. Do not store your purse at the bottom of your closet or drawer. Mold and mildew can form on your purses. Because leather absorbs moisture, it is recommended to store it away from such environments where mold or mildew loves to grow. They love to especially grow on the bottom of the floor where there are greater opportunities for moisture to build. When you are storing your purses, do not to store them in plastic bags. By using bags that are breathable, the bags will not only protect your purse from collecting dust but also aid in controlling humidity.

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So rather than go out and spending that extra cash on a new bag simply because you find your current purse too dirty, why not come on in to Santiago Hills Cleaners and have handbag renewed to its original look and feel. Save money and time and come visit the best leather bag cleaner in Anaheim Hills!

Help yourself and give us a call or come on in and have your purses professionally cleaned and protected. Find our store located on 8500 East Chapman in the City of Orange. If you want to save even more time you can! We offer a delivery service where your only obligation is to give us your purse. We do the rest for you.

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