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Drapery Cleaning

Santiago Hills Cleaners has been around for more than 35 years and we’ve gained much experience in cleaning drapes. There’s a lot of time and money spent in making your home look its best. Drapery cleaning has been our long-time specialty. When you’re cleaning your house and doing chores, you’ll most likely dust, vacuum, and also Windex your windows but do you ever wash your draperies? Even if you do, without proper cleaning it will diminish the proper look, color, and feel. You will end up losing the overall ambience that you’ve created. Our process allows us to remove dust, smoke, pollen, odors, and soil leaving your draperies returned with even hems, parallel pleats, and no shrinkage. We keep it clean with minimal allergens collecting on your draperies. Trust us to help maintain its best look.

Excellent drapery and curtain cleaning service!

Our signature process uses a drapery cleaning machine that allows us to steam treat your draperies. We can comfortably call Santiago Hills Cleaners the most professional and best drapery cleaners here in the city of Orange. Cleaning and properly maintaining your draperies may help extend its life three times longer, which in turn may be better than replacing your rug. It’s common to find some dry cleaners and laundry services that may just wash your drapes and curtains in a normal washer. Normal washers won’t allow your large-sized drapes to be fully cleaned. Its surface area does not get tumbled correctly due to it being squeezed into a smaller washer. We do not suggest draperies to be washed using a normal tumbling cycle because its shape and folds may become damaged. Only a small fraction of drapes can be laundered. Some cleaners have dry cleaning machines just for clothes, while places like Santiago Hills Cleaners carries the right equipment and has the experience in such specialty cleaning such as drapery cleaning. The great part about coming to our dry cleaners for your curtain cleaning needs is that we are a one-stop shop with various services and if your drapery needs any repairs or alterations we can do this as well.

When dealing with your curtain, carefully unhook the drapes and take them down. Then bring your protected drapes here for eco-friendly dry cleaning. By dry cleaning your draperies it will remove soil, pollen, allergens, and even smoke that could have stained your beautiful draperies. After that we will make sure to press the draperies and even out the hems and pleats.

We provide services for repairs such as sun or moth damage, which we can repair during inspection. Sometimes when purchasing your draperies or curtains you may find that they are longer than your allotted space and ground. They start to get scuffed on the ground and become dirty. I’m sure none of us wants that! We can alter the ends for you so they look nice, hang nice, and last longer! Being experienced and knowledgeable cleaners, we will always consult you to help you make your best decisions in cleaning your valuable items. And of course we always check the manufacturer’s label before washing.

Only the Best and Professional Drapery Cleaner in Orange Hills

Have you ever tried to clean your own draperies and came back to find it either distorted or it simply does not look the same way you first saw it? It’s very easy to make matters worse without a professional touch. With our professional service we provide quality and consistent services for all drapery cleaning. Don’t worry about your draperies being damaged or changed.

Having it clean and maintained frequently allows your draperies to be less damaged over time. If not, they will continue to hang there collecting dust and dirt. Draperies and curtains collect oily atmospheric soil that will gradually cause the fabric to weather and deteriorate. Also during different seasons, separate draperies come out of the closet for each different seasonal decoration. If you want them to get retouched and cleaned before you hang them. We can clean them and help you prepare changing your seasonal decorations.

So come on in to Santiago Hills Cleaners. We are open from 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 5:30pm on Saturday. Let us take care of your drapery cleaning needs. Find us located on the corner of Jamboree and Chapman. We’re located right across the street from the Orange County Zoo.

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